Everything on my pages are written for entertainment purposes.  If you find anything offensive in any way, then please exercise your eyes elsewhere.

And with that said, thanks for stopping buy!  Every item here has been on a journey of some sort and continues to do so.  Some items are more sentimental than others but they are all entertaining eccentricities obtained for pleasure.  I do not warrant that you will receive pleasure if you buy something, but it sure can't impede the effort.  I've personally obtained these pieces and if they can give you just one tenth the happiness that they have given me, then I consider your money well spent!  So until the day comes that it parts ways... wherever it may roam... I will continue to covetously oogle it with all the joy I possess.  Please go to the contact page to submit any query for additional photos/questions or to submit your

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updates will happen randomly with much cutting, adding, cursing, heat scratching, and woohooing.  eventually it'll look loads better and be an actual store... that takes time... and money...  lots and lots of it... thanks for your understanding and your patronage.

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